May 232012

Creating a strong and powerful vision is your first step to your ascent to business success. A clear and compelling vision will catapult you to achieving all you want personally and professionally. With a clear path, you will know where you are going and getting there will be faster and more enjoyable. So let’s get started!

Being able to escape the distractions of work and life is the best way to focus. Not all of us have the time or the money to do anything exotic, but if you do, book a trip for 2 to 3 days where you can be free and relax to let your mind explore all possibilities.

A few years ago, I had the kind of time and money to do just that. I would travel to a new country every year to spend time alone and really think about my life and what I wanted. With the fall of the real estate market and the global economic decline, things have gotten a lot tighter financially. So what is a person to do?

For folks with families, children, jobs and other responsibilities that prevent them from the freedom of personal abandon, we have to be more creative. We also have to be more determined and steadfast in our determination to create a vision.

Determination starts with putting your mask on first! What do the airline stewards always tell you when you are getting ready for take-off? “Should there be a drop in cabin pressure, masks will fall from the ceiling and will provide proper air flow. Please apply your mask first and assist those around you after you have.” I am sure that is not exactly how they say it, but you get the idea.

It is important to take care of yourself because if you pass out you will not be able to assist your children or those around you that will need your help. Well, this is true in all aspects of your life. You must eat properly, get enough sleep, exercise etc to ensure you are healthy and alive to care for those you love.

In business, your vision is your mask and you have to be serious about it as you would to save your life and those around you on an airplane.

I find a quiet spot out of the house and away from all distractions to allow me time to focus. This can be a park, a coffee shop, the library and if you just cannot break away from the house, book a time where you can unplug and turn off your phones, put a note on the door to come back later and not to knock so that you and turn all of your attention to the matter at hand.your success!

Once you have decided what your oasis from distraction will be, now schedule time to visit. You need to have a minimum of an hour. Two or more hours are better so that you can really spend time brainstorming and feeding your vision. Once you have scheduled your time write it down and commit to it! Put a sticky note on your bathroom mirror to remind yourself to your commitment.

If you get ideas you want to explore before your set time, write them down on sticky notes too, or somewhere you can refer back to them so that you fully explore all possibilities. Once your time to vision has come, have a pen and paper handy!

Brainstorming your vision through writing with pen and paper is the very best way. If you type it out you can edit yourself and lose valuable ideas. I prefer typing, but I know from experience that is just doesn’t cut it. There is something elemental to reading your fluid thoughts and getting new ideas that you had not thought of before.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • First and foremost, what inspires you? What is your motivation to spend time, energy and resources to achieve your vision?
  • What will you do, buy, achieve with the success of your vision?
  • What steps are needed to achieve your vision?
  • Do you money to get to your vision? How are you going to get the money? Ask for assistance, get a loan, have a garage sale, sell things laying around the house that you no longer use on craigslist?

What are the necessary steps to get there? Create time lines! One year, three years, five years.

When you are creating your timelines, see yourself there and speak in the present. If you want to be traveling in Japan in 2014, imagine yourself in Japan. Write exactly what you are doing. For example: Just landed in Tokyo airport and getting off the plane was an experience! I don’t read Japanese so figuring my way around was exciting. Once I found the ATM machine, I got some cash out. I love the way foreign money looks. It is like art get the idea.

Write what you are doing each day, where you go, what you see. The more detailed your vision, the more exciting it will be for you. The more exciting, the more real, the more likely you will succeed.

Do this with every aspect of your life starting with personal, then family, then work. I occasionally get asked about spiritual vision and that is part of your personal. Spirituality is very important for a balanced life. The most important thing to remember, you have to put your mask on first.

You can do anything you put your mind to.reasonably speaking of course. I know it is not likely traveling to the moon is in my future even though it would be an amazing experience I would love to have. I do know that I can travel to Japan and I know exploring all of the fun I would have while there through vision brainstorming will get me there!
So get started! Develop your vision! If you want to travel, buy a bigger home, make a six figure income, donate $50,000 to your favorite charity to your religious organization, you just need a clear path as to how you are going to get there.

Jan 012017

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We are able to fix up a house on our own so you don’t have to worry about repairs, but as we said in the ad, we are very happy to buy a house in good condition too.  Please give us a call or text us at 602-796-5511.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Mar 122013

Perpetual Funnel System has been released to the general public and what an incredible system it is!  There are 24 hours of intense training that really gets into online marketing and some of the very best strategies and tactics starting with understanding what to expect from the system to building your framework to how to create traffic to putting all of the steps together for your success.

There is some seriously good information in this system especially for newer online network marketing professionals, but it is excellent even for the experienced network marketer, especially if you are building a large team!  Here is a quick glimpse into the system and what to expect.

The Perpetual Funnel System consists of 8 Modules:

Module 1- Understanding The Perpetual Funnel System
Module 2- Your ‘Technical Framework’ To Make A Million Dollars A Year
Module 3- Perpetual Traffic Frames
Module 4- Creating Sales Permanence
Module 5- Base Language Patterns For Creating Influence
Module 6- How To Create traffic By Systematizing Your Skills
Module 7- Recruiting and Up-Sell Frames
Module 8- Putting It All Together

I personally purchased this system because I have been doing this mostly part-time for the last year, but am into it now full time.  I have been implementing one strategy at a time and have been feeling a bit overwhelmed over the past couple of months from all of the information out there.  This system is helping me to get it put together in a more cohesive way.

I know what you are thinking right now, another training system?  Really?  Yes because this system is not just the same old stuff that has been spun over and over like that article you posted this morning.  This system actually gives you the goodies the gurus are using and is presented in a step-by-step presentation.


When watching, I suggest watching on another computer or a computer with two screens.  That is the only way I can do it because as the video plays, I keep pausing, completing an action and starting again.  There may be 24-hours of training, but I am not kidding if you do all of the activities shown, it will take twice that amount of time.

Why spend the next 6 months learning what you can learn and implement over the next two weeks.  Think about it.  If time is money, how much money are you losing every day trying to figure out what the gurus are doing when a seven figure earner is telling all?  

Seriously, this guy went from living in a van to living and working in Costa Rica!  The Perpetual Funnel System teaches you how to create a viral online marketing business, using all of the best practices so you make money quickly!

So, if you are ready to stop wasting time and you are ready to take your online marketing business to a whole new level, the time is now.  It does not matter if you are a network marketing professional, an affiliate marketing guru, a Realtor or a small business owner looking to expand business and increase your web presence.  This program brings together all the strategies to get your business rocking!

About Angela Chase:  I am an online network marketing professional with over 14 years of sales and marketing experience.

To learn how to implement an online marketing strategy to start earning money today and begin building your online presence, please visit me at  This page will introduce you to a marketing system that will get you online and building an online business quickly.

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Nov 272011

Did you start walking by standing up and successfully put one foot in front of the other?  No, you crawled, you held your parents’ fingers, you stood up holding a chair and fell on your behind.

When you started writing, it started with a crayon on the wall and a stern scolding by your parents.  Then they gave you a piece of paper and encouraged you to go crazy with it.  Eventually, they put rules into place and you had to color within lines…really curbed the Picasso in you, but what the heck, you went with it.

Eventually, the forced you to follow the lines and the next thing you knew you were writing!!!  Learning to walk, learning to write were not pretty or graceful, neither is the path to success.

Being successful requires you go through a learning process and learning requires “failure.”  I personally dislike the word and think learning opportunity is a much more positive way of expressing those times where things don’t work out the way we planned.

To be successful you must be a good observer, evaluator and quick to adjust to ensure you are always on a path toward success.  With every learning opportunity you have the chance to stand back up, brush off the dust and get back on track.

Never quit because if you do, then, and only then have you failed!  From personal experience, sometimes it takes a bit longer to get back up, but you always have to get back up!!!

The greatest lesson I have ever learned is that no lesson is a mistake.  Sometimes it is like I feel like Joe Frazier in the Thrilla in Manila – “I want him boss!” but the learning opportunity rears its ugly head and adjustments must be made.  With each adjustment, you are one no closer to that golden yes, the yes to success!!!

So when you are feeling a little battered and bruised from your journey along the road to success, remember…once you have learned it, you do not forget and it cannot be taken away.  Your “failures” are your greatest asset!

It is like when you learned how to ride a bike.  I remember when I was a kid, I watched as one of the younger kids in the neighborhood got their training wheels off and they looked just as scared as I had been when I learned.  She started to take off with a little help, got going and fell over cutting her knee and elbow.

She was upset, scared and hurt, but the next time she started, she demanded that no one touch the bike.  On her own, she took off and rode like a champ.  I personally did not ever have training wheels and remember I could only learn with my dad’s help.

It does not matter how you do it, with or without help, get your ass back on the bike every time you fall, are scared, upset or hurt by the teachings of success.  Everything happens for a reason!

Oct 222011

Do you get the response you want and need from your blog?  Are your readers returning?  Are they clicking on your links to find out more?  Are the ordering your free ebook or training program?  No?  Well get ready to strut your stuff because you will learn the secrets of the online marketing masters right now!

I have been a sales person for over 14 years and I know the most important part of selling is asking for the sale, a call to action.  Well, a few weeks back I was at a party when one of my girl friend said she had been to my blog and really liked it, but wondered specifically what it was about.

I about fell over because she was right.  I admit it, I over looked the most obvious:  There was no call to action.  I can tell you this now because I reworked the site and ensured that each of my articles includes the call to action to learn more about the marketing program that changed my online business.

There, got my call to action in early, now let’s get to the meat of the subject…selling using your blog.  To successfully sell, you must be a persuasive writer and have a strong call to action.  If you don’t ask for the sale, you won’t get it!


How to Write Persuasively

First, you need a catchy, zippy headline.  Here are a few basic tips to help you brainstorm your next headline:

  • Simple and Direct:  First and foremost, get to the point quickly so you don’t lose their attention.
  • Interesting and Informational:  People do not like to be sold, but they do like to learn – Humans are curious creatures!
  • State the Benefit:  Your point needs to be up front and relevant.  Do not mis-lead your reader with irrelevant headlines.
  • Ask Questions:  This gets your potential reader immediately involved in the content.  It gets them thinking!
  • Personal Experiences:  If you have used a product that made a major impact or improvement in your life, say so!  Give your potential reader the benefit and excitement of taking advantage of something great.

Second, you need a “hook” to make them to drool and want to read more.  What is a hook?  It is a statement that grabs the reader’s attention so that they will drop everything to read your article.

You get the reader’s attention they click on your article’s link, now you have to hook them in!  It all comes to the hook line or you’re a sinker…kind of like that pun just now.

Seriously, you need to have an intriguing first paragraph to your article so the reader in engaged enough to want to continue reading.  There are literally thousands of articles to read about what ever subject you are writing about.  Make the difference known in your first paragraph!

A few tips to writing an excellent hook:

  • Specific:  The hook must be specific to the topic of the article.
  • When to Make It:  Typically I put the hook at the end of the first paragraph, but not necessarily the rule.
  • Question:  A hook is never a question.  A hook is a statement that intrigues the reader.
  • Confrontational:  I make it a personal rule not to make it confrontational to avoid turning the reader off.
  • Excitement:  No one is interested in reading a doctorial thesis so make sure that your hook gives a bit of you and demonstrates your excitement about the subject.

Three, content is the next step and I am not going to beat that dead horse.  Just make sure your content is relevant, keyword rich without being annoying (remember the article is to sell, not just rank!) and provides useful information to benefit the reader.

By now you are ready for me to get to my original point right?  Well wooo hooo!  We have made it to the best part!!!

Okay, so you got your reader to click on your article link, sucked them in with your most excellent content, now what?

Give them something to do!  Direct them to your sales page or email capture page by asking them to do it.  This is the call to action also known as asking for the sale, even if you’re selling a free ebook to capture their email.

If you have done your job properly and given your reader all that was promised, they will want more from you.  Give it to them!

A call to action is simple and specific:  Tell your reader where to go or what to do next and give details.

For example – “In the upper right hand corner of this page is a small video screen.  Click on that video screen to view a short article about a marketing program that changed my life!  In that video you will learn about some of the amazing features of this proven marketing system that has made our team 6-digit earners and can do the same for you.  Don’t wait, click on the video now to learn more today!”

Seriously…go click on that little screen!  You will not be sorry.  It’s kinda funny about that video.  I recorded it and originally, it was over 20 minutes long.  I wanted to make sure I could post to YouTube so I re-recorded to be less than 15 minutes.  I succeeded in my quest and now it is less than 15 minutes and I sound like I drank 8 bottles of that 5-Hour Energy drink stuff.  Regardless, it is a gem and you have to check it out!

Alrighty then!  Once you have checked out the vid, leave comments for me to let me know what you thought.  I always appreciate feedback, especially when you guys let me know what else you want to learn about.


To explode your business and develop an online marketing empire!

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One last thing!  Check out my article on the importance of auto-responders!